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мар 23, 2021
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Android 2.1

One of the most successful software for finding essential information on the network is the Yandex Browser with Protect for Android. The app has a wide range of functions with which every owner of a smartphone or tablet can freely move around the world wide web. Intelligent address bar with specialized devices that make searching for the resources requested significantly easier. And thanks to Turbo Download mode, you can safely watch your favorite pages, watch videos and play audio files even when data traffic is slow. The new version of search engine uses color design which is more fun and interesting.

The developers of the program tried to simplify the access of the Internet, many users and their mobile devices. Security is one of the main features of this search engine. It notifies you about suspicious sites, blocks of virus programs from unknown links, and protects you and your electronic money from fraudulent actions. You'll be notified immediately if a Wi-Fi network detected by an electronic device damages it. In addition, one of the good features of this software is considered to be blocked by useless ads that can be turned off at any time, and services, offers, and products that you still forget forever. Now you can download the Yandex browser with Protect for Android, which supports adding other search engines like Chrome, ray para, Mozilla and leaving your own home, regardless of your mobile device. Go on a virtual tour of strange places.

Many users have already preferred this app. The user-friendly interface has been carefully developed to quickly open pages on a screen or language selection with a single click. Transitions between pages are now made by rotating the pages. The address bar is at the bottom of the page. If desired, you can manually add and modify your favorite pages to the scoreboard so they don't lose sight of it. As a result, we have a colorful, sophisticated application that easily utilizes all the delights of the Internet and utilizes all its versatile functions.

Вас не развлекает Yandex Browser with Protect Apk? Тогда, возможно, пришло время следить за другими приложениями в Интернете, которые немного монотонны в создании контента, но способны дать голос всем и каждому. Как будто мы говорили о приложении Puffin Browser Pro, .

Загрузите Yandex Browser with Protect Apk для Android, названный файл APK и компания-разработчик приложения Яндекс . Yandex Browser with Protect Apk Последняя версия Android Vesion of может бесплатно загрузить APK, а затем установить ее на телефон Android.

Yandex Browser with Protect Apk - это игра Browsers на Android, непосредственно загрузите последнюю версию Yandex Browser with Protect Apk для Android. Yandex Browser with Protect Apk можно играть бесплатно и без рута, Yandex Browser with Protect Apk также игра для .

Yandex Browser with Protect Apk можно загрузить и установить на ваше устройство Android с версией Android Android 2.1. Загрузите эту игру, используя ваш любимый браузер, и нажмите «Установить», чтобы установить игру. Скачать Yandex Browser with Protect Apk из Apkglobe проще и быстрее.

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