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Video Bokeh Hot Full HD Latest Quality No Sensor and How to Download - Thanks to the rapid technological development, there is always the latest topics around hardware and software that can be discussed. One that can be discussed is software for editing videos on Android. Where now almost everything can be done via a smartphone that we have. Currently, you can search for any application in the Google Play Store on Android. To edit videos, you can download the latest uncensored Full HD Bokeh video application from Google Playstore.

You know for sure that the blurring effect can usually only be achieved with a good smartphone camera or even a DSLR camera. However, now it is enough to use an ordinary smartphone camera with an application to take bokeh photos. For this reason, there are several applications that can be used to edit Bokeh quality videos and there are no video sensors.

Here are some bokeh video sensor App that you can download

1. Video Square APK

This application was created by a reliable developer from Singapore, Lolo Apps. Square Video is also very interesting to be one of the topics of discussion this time. Why not, because one video application without bokeh sensor can produce the excellent quality that exceeds the quality of the original video.

Features in Video Square APK:

  • There is a clipping feature that allows you to cut certain parts of a video or song.
  • Videos edited with this application can be changed freely both vertically and horizontally.
  • There are many colors to choose from in this free bokeh video application. So, you can use any color to make a background in the video.
  • Users can create blur effects in the background.
  • Users can edit certain parts to make videos more interesting.
  • Then the quality produced by the application depends on the user's wishes. You can export video results with various format options, namely 3gp, Mp4, and HD.

Square Video as one of the full HD bokeh video applications already has millions of active users. There are several specific songs available in this application and you can even add your own songs. If you are interested, you can download the link below.

Download APK

2. Mago Video APK

This application was made by a trusted developer from China, Charmer New Apps. With the bokeh video application for Android, you can freely edit videos by providing various styles provided by Mago Video. This full bokeh uncensored video application is great for YouTube players and even video editors for branding purposes.

Complete features in Mago Video APK:

  • There is a function for creating video slideshows. This allows you to edit photos using songs and effects in a slideshow.
  • It has a magic video editing feature that lets you just touch the desired effect. The effect will then appear automatically in the video.
  • There is a Slow Motion Video Maker feature that allows users to play videos faster or slower.
  • In this App, you can also add cool stickers, emojis, and memes to videos.
  • Users can add images and photos to enhance their videos.
  • The effect of making this bokeh without video sensor is very good and perfect
  • You can also share video results on various social platforms and media such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and many others.

This video has approximately five million active users. So you don't need to worry about using this application. You can download it from the download link for the Full HD Bokeh Video below.

Download APK

3. AfterfoCus APK

In addition, there is a popular bokeh video application, AfterFocus. With this application, you can make photos and videos that have a blurry effect and a bokeh effect. Here are some features that you can try:

Features in AfterFocus APK:

  • First, to make bokeh, you only need to use the smart mode feature to automatically make blurry or bokeh photos or videos.
  • You can also use the manual method, you must choose one by one to blur or bokeh.
  • AfterFocus has a variety of effects that can help you improve your videos.
  • Apart from that, you can also choose to change the background to bokeh.
  • There is a sharing feature that allows you to share work on various platforms and social media.

With this video editor application, you can try to make bokeh effects on the background of the video and also make full HD video quality. In addition, AfterFocus currently has more than 10 million active users. You can download the latest Full HD Bokeh Video Editor application through the following link for free.

Download Apk

4. Camera MX APK

Camera MX is an application that provides complete photo functions for mobile phones. Especially for editing vacation trip pictures or videos, some editing tools in this application will definitely help you a lot in editing. By using one of the latest Full HD video editing applications, users get high-quality images.

Features in Camera MX APK:

  • There are autofocus and HDR features that can be optimized for good picture results.
  • Users can also adjust the quality of images and videos as desired.
  • Users can adjust the format, color temperature, brightness and contrast.
  • With this application, you can also convert images into GIF forms.
  • There are several effects and filters that will enhance your video.
  • There are functions to cut videos in certain areas and to edit slow motion.

Meanwhile, Camera MX has more than 10 million active users in various parts of the world. You can download the free Camera MX apk via the link below.

Download APK

5. KineMaster APK

KineMaster is currently one of the best and most popular video editors. This application has many features that make it easy for users to edit videos. To produce a video with a bokeh or blur effect, just make a few adjustments and choose the right effect.

Features in KineMaster APK:

  • This application strongly supports many layers of videos, stickers, images, text, and even manuscripts.
  • There are blending modes that can create beautiful video effects.
  • Users can cut a certain part of the video to be edited.
  • Users can also add background as desired.
  • Video speed can be fully controlled, allowing time-lapse or slow-motion video.
  • There is an animated keyframe tool that allows gestures to be added to each layer of video.
  • There are various filters and color options to make videos really cool.

What is unique is that the KineMaster application also provides a variety of background effects so you can get good and real bokeh video effects. KineMaster also has more than 100 million active users worldwide. If you are interested, you will find the download link for the latest Full HD Bokeh video editor here.

Size: 74 MB

Version: 4.11.16

Download APK

6. Bokeh Effect Video Maker APK

You can also use Bokeh Effect Video Maker as an application to edit videos on your mobile which is also quite easy to use. In this application, you can add several effects and filters to videos. In addition, you can add animations and videos with bokeh effects.

Features in Bokeh Effect Video Maker APK:

  • There are many different effects that you can use.
  • Can provide video export results in insufficient quality.
  • You don't need an internet connection or you can use it to edit videos.
  • You can export videos with a choice of MP4 and GIF formats.
  • Users can also share videos on various platforms and social media.

This application already has more than 50,000 active users in various parts of the world. If you are interested, you can download the latest Full HD Bokeh video application from the following link.

Size: 61 MB

Version: 1.4

Download APK

7. Google Camera APK

Look at the developers, which applications have very good performance and are worth a try. With this video editing application for Android, you can edit videos faster with the following features.

Features on Google Camera APK:

  • In this application, there is a function for editing bokeh videos that are no less interesting
  • There is a very good lens blur effect
  • Video results can be exported in HD format
  • There is HDR + with dual exposure control that can take photos with fantastic results, especially in low light conditions.
  • To illuminate, no flash should be used. Because Google Camera has a night vision device that maximizes shooting in low light or dark.
  • It has a super-res zoom feature that allows you to zoom in on the image without reducing quality or blurring.

Google Camera can also make bokeh areas and backgrounds black and white. Unfortunately, only users of Google products such as Nexus and Google Pixels can currently install this application. If you want to try it, you can download it via the following link:

Download APK

8. InShot APK

Finally, you can use one of these free video editing applications to make your videos bokeh. All you need to do is make a few changes to the features available to optimize video break and get better image quality.

Features of InShot APK:

  • It has extensive editing tools so you can edit videos with this application as you do with a professional editor.
  • Users can add songs to the video using the InShot application.
  • With a charming touch filter, the quality of your video will naturally become more extraordinary.

This uncensored bokeh video application has been downloaded by more than 100 million people in various parts of the world. You can get the latest Bokeh No Sensor Video application via the link below.

Size: 29 MB 

Version: 1.623

Download APK

The above are some applications that you can use to make your videos bokeh. Of the eight applications mentioned above, all are free and there are premium features that you need to upgrade to Premium to take advantage of all the features available. You can also download the latest uncensored Full HD Bokeh video application through the Google Play Store.

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